Test Your Relationship with Food

Take a moment and honestly answer the questions below:

Do you:

  1. eat when you are not hungry?
  2. eat beyond the point of satiety or fullness?
  3. eat when you are stressed
  4. eat to celebrate, console yourself, etc.?
  5. eat foods that you know are unhealthy?
  6. rarely eat foods that are healthy?
  7. drink more than 1-2 soft drinks each day?
  8. have a hard time resisting sugar and feel you are addicted to it?
  9. use food to soothe yourself when you are upset or feel deprived in any way?
  10. have a history of spending money on several weight loss programs, pills and fad diets.
  11. feel that there are certain foods and/or drinks that you think you can’t live without?
  12. history of yo-yo dieting (lose weight, then gain it back)?
  13. have binge foods that you always overeat?
  14. have others in your family who struggle with food/weight issues?
  15. have a history of unsuccessfully dieting or sticking to exercise plans?

How many did you answer Yes to?

1 – 4

You might have some issues to work on

4 or more

Your relationship with food is not benefitting you. If you would like to change that, you are welcome to schedule a free call to discuss hypnosis can help you change that relationship.

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