Nourish Your Body, Mind And Soul Each Day

Choose to nourish your body, mind, and soul each day.

Giving your body, mind and soul what they need to thrive enables you to live your most fulfilling life.

Instead of feeding your body with superfluous food when you are not hungry, use your imagination to nurture your mind with the non-caloric things you need to build new attitudes of success.

Here are some ideas.

nourish your body, mind and soul


Visualize being happy, confident in your body and at peace. You feel and look better when you improve your habits, self-esteem, and confidence with positive affirmations. Repeat them as needed throughout your day.

Eat Nutritious Food and Exercise

Making the best food choices gives your body exactly what it needs for optimum performance and a robust immune system. It also helps you to think clearly to make the best decisions.

Exercise is an excellent stress reliever. It also helps move oxygen throughout your body. Moving your body enhances your general overall wellbeing.

When you feel good, you know that you look good. It gives you the confidence, passion, and courage to take on the world.

Be Grateful

When you feel gratitude for all the good things that happen in your life, you draw more goodness towards you. It helps keep you moving forward.


Journalling is a terrific way to express your gratitude reflect on what went well and what you can improve.

The GLAD system is an excellent way for novice journalers to start. It provides an outline that is easy to follow.

Record with the following steps:

G. What were you grateful for that day?

L: What did you learn that day?

A: What did you accomplish that day?

D: What delighted you that day?

Also, address the following questions while journaling.

  • What did you do that day to nourish your mind?
  • Did you make positive food choices?
  • Did you give your spirit the attention it needed?

Practice Self-Hypnosis

When I work with clients, I install three keywords that they can use for self-hypnosis. They have this tool to use whenever they feel stressed or unable to handle issues. Maybe they can’t control some things, but self-hypnosis can help them control how they react to the situation.

Go out and have a great day!

Take the time each day to nourish your body, mind and soul and feed them what they need, secure in the knowledge that you deserve to have a wonderful life.

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