Are you tired of waiting to start your weight loss? 

Are you waiting for the ideal time to start working towards becoming the shape and size you want to be and beginning your weight loss program? Waiting in line may be something that you refuse to do, but you decide that everything must be perfect before starting that weight reduction program.

Do either of the following statements sound familiar:

  • “Monday is the best time to start a diet – after the weekend.”
  • “I have a wedding/office party/holiday coming up, so what’s the point? I’ll wait until after it’s over.”

Rarely does anyone think that it’s time to start a diet and do it at that moment even though we all know the benefits of getting to a healthy weight.

weight loss waiting

When we feel fear or uncertainty, we put off getting started. When we think courageous, it’s easy to dive in enthusiastically! But when we are a little afraid, we begin to make excuses why we should wait. 

Here are some reasons why the idea of waiting for the ideal time to work on yourself is flawed:

1. Life is short

Time is one of the few irreplaceable things we have. Once a moment, hour or day is gone, it’s gone. It’s to your benefit to act soon. Consider that excess weight that you don’t like. It will still be there tomorrow, even next year, and there may be a little bit more of it.

2. Something will always come up

There will always be an event that involves food – Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, etc. If you take the long-range view on reaching your ideal weight instead of the short term, you will learn that these events are just minor speed bumps on the road to success – not blocks.

3. Regret

Did you have this extra weight a year ago? How do you feel about it? Do you regret that you didn’t start working on this a year ago? The earth completed a rotation around the sun, but you are still where you are. How do you want to feel a year from now? Are you satisfied or regretful?

4. Lack of fulfillment

Taking action will result in feelings of fulfilment and excitement. Look ahead a year from now – did you get started today and are 10, 20 or more pounds lighter? Did you have some bumps along the way, but you kept going and reached your goal? Even if you had a few moments of failure along the way, you learned from it. And isn’t that better sitting in the future and saying, “I wish”?

5. The lack of control that comes from waiting

While you’re waiting for that perfect time to get started, you are giving up control. That looming event controls you by making you wait for it before you start taking care of yourself. Why wait for it. The event is going to come anyway. How do you want to face it? A few pounds lighter and in control of what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat? Or at your current weight or higher and thinking, “well, I’m already overweight, so why not have another piece of the pie”.

So, what are you waiting for?

When you value yourself, you value your time. You’ll make the most of your time when you start to appreciate it. Every moment of the day is unique because you are unique. So, why not stop waiting for the best time – create your own best time by getting started today. Book a free consultation to talk about doing just that.

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