Develop a better relationship with food

You’ve dieted. Over and over. And yes, you lost weight for a while, but it came back on after you got tired of:

  • restrictions on what you could eat
  • deprivation
  • counting calories, etc.
  • enduring frozen and shelf-stable diet foods while your family enjoys fantastic meals

And you went back to old habits for a while. Then you looked for a new diet.

Isn’t it time that you broke that diet cycle?

diet cycle

You weren’t born this way.

You were born with a perfect weight management system. When you were a baby you ate for nourishment and when you had enough you stopped eating.

That system got reprogrammed as you grew and experienced life.

Maybe as a child you:

  • were given a food treat when you were sad, hurt or bored as a distraction, or
  • had a television in the kitchen which was on during meal time
  • were often rushed through meals, or
  • enjoyed special occasions with too much food, or
  • were not allowed to have dessert or leave the table until your plate was empty, or
  • felt guilted into eating even if you didn’t want any more food (“children are starving in …“), or
  • learned that family television time meant snacks even though you had finished your dinner not long before.

All of this changed that initial inner programming. Kind of like a new install of an operating system and programs on a computer and then it got cluttered up with stuff picked up on the internet and then too many programs you loaded.

child not eating

Hypnosis is a viable option to change your behaviour and reduce your weight

Hypnosis can change that inner programming and help you enjoy food again in a healthy way so that you can sustainably reduce, not lose, those extra pounds. You don’t want to lose weight. When you lose something, you want to find it. When I work with you, you are not going to want to find that weight again.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology stated that hypnosis combined with behavioural changes was more effective in the long term than just behavioural change alone.

Bolocofsky, D.N., Spinler, D. and Coulthard-Morris, L. (1985), Effectiveness of hypnosis as an adjunct to behavioral weight management. J. Clin. Psychol., 41: 35-41.

In Hypno Reduce™, we start with the hypnotic virtual gastric band. In this session, your inner mind imagines that you have had a band installed on your stomach.

Your subconscious believes that you have a golf ball sized pouch so that you feel fuller on less food.

There are also some golden rules for success to follow.

The beautiful part of this process is that it is NOT a diet. You eat regular food, obviously making healthy choices, but you only eat three meals a day without snacking.

virtual gastric band

Subsequent sessions will address the reasons that cause people to remain overweight. If you are working with me one-on-one, these sessions will be tailored specifically to you reasons. Group sessions will cover the top reasons.

Is this program right for you?

This is not a lose weight fast program. If you are ready to lose between one and two pounds a week (on average), this will work for you.

If you are looking for a magic bullet where you can lose 10 pounds or more a month, then this will not work for you.

This program is for people who are ready to get off that diet cycle of diet, regain, repeat. If this is what you want, I’d love to speak with you and invite you to book your free call.


SL lost 10 lbs

I would like to share with you I am down 8 pounds!! Only 2 more to go! The hypnosis was awesome! I reach for healthier food choices and have had way less cravings for unhealthy foods. Thank you for your expertise and support! You are amazing!

MQ lost 25 lbs

Since the hypnosis sessions, my life has been turned 180 degrees as I now eat properly without even thinking about it, I naturally turn to healthy foods and snacks and have no desire for junk or fast foods. I am also working out four times a week at the gym I’ve joined as well as doing an hour a day on my treadmill. Since starting the therapy I’ve lost twenty-five lbs., five inches off my waist and feel like a new person, I have tons of energy to burn now and no longer feel like a blimp. The doctor says at this rate I will be able to come off all medications as well.

Having the hypnotherapy was the best money I’ve ever spent! No looking back as I move on to reach my goals.

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